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Design and Quality Show Their Value

The seminar lead by Fabrizio Todeschini of HU magazine, with the entitle of "Office Furniture Made in Italy - the value of designs and quality ", received tremendous applause from participants.

As the home of furniture designs,Italy has been long well known around the world and Made In Italy is a sought after brand name in the world furniture market. In view of Todeschini, the success of Italy's furniture industry comes from their powerful design system which has continuous investment support. During the past 50 years in particular, innovative designs have greatly enhanced Italy's competitive power in the global furniture market.

At the beginning of the seminar, Todeschini made an address to give an introduction about the mechanics in Italy's design system, which consists of very delicate divisions between scientific, cultural and artistic education as well as separate levels among engineers, designers, managers, sales and marketing staff. Another key factor contributing to the almost perfect designing system-strong publicity in the media helps Italy make its name in the world furniture industry.
He then unveiled the latest Italian-made products on display at recent furniture exhibitions held in Milan and Cologne. Todeschini pointed out that the current trend of furniture design in Italy is approaching the model of "simplicity and uniqueness". He added that the success of furniture making relies not only on edgy designs but also how the material is used and applied. Another important factor of successful furniture making is, as he put it, detail-focused where a perfect combination of trendy appearance and practical functions come together.

When asked by a Chinese attendee at the seminar of his opinions about the development of China's furniture industry in the future, Todeschini said China's furniture makers should pay more attention to the different classes of customers they are targeting and invest more money in new designs. He also suggested that China's furniture industry should gradually get rid of the conventional mode of mass production and turn to quality and innovative designs. "Marketing research and brand promotion is also very important", he added.

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