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The Dawn of Infinite Potential of Design

Exhibitors bring with them their finest designs and trendiest models to the Fair-the CIFF, which has been dubbed as the looking glass of China's furniture industry, giving visitors the best insight into the current development of the industry.

What we can see from the exhibits at this year’s Fair is that that an increasing number of enterprises are paying much more attention to innovative designs of their products as they relate to the office environment to a larger extent. Nowadays the office furniture sector is developing into a more human-oriented and innovative market.

However, claimed by Guan Mingwei,Designer and Deputy General Manager of Saoswn Furniture Industrial, tha the replicating phenomenon still exists within the industry. Some short-sighted furniture companies focus barely on current profits hence spare few efforts in copying others’new designs, which gives rise to a vicious circle within the industry and eventually will hamper the healthy growth of China’s furniture industry.

While to his relief, increasingly more industrial enterprises are realizing this problem and are taking corrective actions accordingly. This is the only way for the industry to make headway into global development.
No matter how stiff the competition is, Saoswn tries to keep pace with the world. They brought new products made of aluminum alloy, as well as their best-made steel folding screen and worktable (which won a golden prize in last year’s CIFF). They have applied a low temperature spray painting technique, which is commonly used in steel furniture to their wood furniture, thus producing high-quality, water-proof and bacteria-free worktables. An added benefit is that the production circle gets shorter.

Merryfair Office Furniture is proud of their office chairs in red, white, yellow and green; all neatly lined up to greet visitors. According to Zhao Xiaole, Sales Agent, their products are tailored to clients’ special needs. He continued to say that these office chairs are made of new material imported from Malaysia, which is more flexible than its previous materials and more comfortable to sit on. What’s more, these materials are durable, trendy and environmentally friendly.

Victory Office System Holding has put in a great deal of effort to change the colors of their furniture and they are going to take it one step further in their product components. They are committed to creating a light and lively office environment with their products by introducing more innovations. They are avoiding the rampant use of paint and glue materials in wood funture that would otherwise contaminate the air inside the office environment and affect worker's health.

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