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To "Show" means to "Win"

Foshan Zhongtian Fonorose Furniture Manufacturing is a big shot well-known for its bedroom furniture series. The refined molding, integration of fashion and nature, soft colors, and first class quality bring it distinguished titles such as "Consumer's Favorite Brand", and "Best Designed Booth" during the China International Housing and Furnishing Exposition.

To people's amazement, their brand "Show win" incorporates a new Australian style. The coffee tables and end tables are not designeed according to the traditional criterion.That is to say, they are not rectangle or round but in irregular shapes whose corners and lines use arcs and soft lines. Mei Yi Qiang, Manager of Project Department, said that all the furniture, including sofas, beds and tables are designed very low which is of a typical Australian taste with comfort and ease as its goal.

Mei is also proud of their special double airbed - the latest design in the series. The advantage of this kind of bed is that the degree of softness could be adjusted to fit a person’s different sleeping style. Though the mattress is divided into two single ones, "Show win" has designed a special bedcover to fill the little space between them to make it look like a whole double mattress. Now couples will never have to argue again about the different needs of soft or hard beds.

That is why the slogan of Show win is "Just for you". Even though it's designed in the Australian style, people from Europe, Canada and some Asian countries show great interest in the series as well. For such an active company with so many ideas and original designs, the importance of the fair is clear enough: "to show is to win!"

The booth continues with the soft but very attractive tradition of Fonorose. In the middle is a dial on which two beautiful sofa models are casually placed and a saxophone player is playing a gentle jazz. An atmosphere of pleasure and freedom fills the booth. The color of beds and sofas is grey - a fashionable color that modern city people adore.

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