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Diversity brings Homedecor & Housewares to life

In this year's Homedecor & Housewares (H&H) China, sundry products on display appeal to streams of visitors and customers everyday.Diversity is really the most distinctive features of this H&H China.
Fortuna, an enterprise focusing on the Southeastern style of home decoration products is a distinctive example. At the very first sight of Fortuna’s booth, one can get a strong impression of the lifestyles of ancient tribes in Southeast Asia. The whole setting seems so primitive, with wood blocks and pebbles piled up here and there. What adds to create such a southeastern tribal impression is the bold and bizarre design of the exhibits: a bronze bird with a twisted body; a lamp burning inside a bamboo cage; sharp buffalo horns pointing to the sky; tribal totem paintings; outlandish masks laid on the bookshelves; and the many bottles in different sizes twisted out of shapes. All these fantastic exhibit elements are perfectly integrated, creating a mysterious atmosphere that appeals to many people.

Another good example of diversity is Artage Industrial which specializes in medium and high-class home decoration products is a good example. Their booth is elaborately arranged in a palace-like setting with orange light casting softly on the booth which creats a luxurious atmosphere. Within the booth, the color-striped table cloth, golden inscriptions, intricate wood sculptures and crystal diamonds come together to bring about a glamorous, yet modern

On the other hand, it is also true that diversity does not stop on the surface at H&H 2007. The exhibits attract visitors and buyers not just with their innovative and delicate designs but also with their innovative use of raw materials. This is especially in the case of the carpet manufacturing industry.

One case in point is Fuhua (Jiafu) Carpet, which has been experimenting with bold methods to turn out the most magnificent products. With creative craftsmen and strong capital support, Fuhua strives to make every carpet a piece of artwork. What’s more, most of its carpets are handled by hand, a costly process that many small companies can’t afford. Fuhua even tries to have every thread of the carpet tassels painted in four color spans, which when looked from different angles can create fascinating 3D impressions. As a model enterprise in environment protection, Fuhua has made exciting progress in its mimic products of buffalo and horse skin.

Decoration paintings have also taken a considerably important place in the exhibition this year. Special effects are added to the conventional wall paintings, such as using smoky surface to create an illusive impression and borrowing ideas from trial totems for the content. More creative designs are also popping up for picture frames like semi-frame with cloth setting and glass cover and some other odd yet eye-catching designs.

The Homedécor & Housewares (H&H) China 2007 has attracted many buyers from home and abroad for its rich source of well-known brands such as: Landbond Furniture Group; Sweet Home Accessories; Laifei Flower Arts & Crafts; Hong Chia Carpet; Eternal Industrial; Yifa Frame Factory; Artage Industrial; Fortuna; and Fuhua (Jiafu) Carpet. Exhibits range in style from luxury to simplicity, while in size from book-size photo frames to huge carpets.

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