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Our Own Brands

As vice Chairman of Guangdong Furniture Association, Wang Ke who had just talked with some foreign visitors to the CIFF, sat down with Express to talk with us about the future plan for the Guangdong Furniture Association.
Wang first briefed us on the development of Guangdong furniture industry in recent years. He commented that the industry is maintaining a satisfying momentum. According to Mr. Wang, the total sales volume of furniture from Guangdong reached US$16 billion last year, a 25.5 percent increase over the previous year which represented 30 percent of the total sales in China.

Total volume of exports from the province in 2006 soared passed US$7 billion, an increase of 24.4 percent; taking up 40 percent of the total national exports of furniture. Despite the anti-dumping investigation by USA against China, Guangdong furniture industry survived, maintaining double-digit growth thanks to its product varieties, high quality and competitive pricing.

Wang pointed out that an increasing number of enterprises are putting their emphasis on design ideas and originality of brands; instead of copying others. Chinese elements are also more often added into their products. Furthermore, more and more enterprises are making use of a greater variety of materials in their products and at the same time paying closer attention to environment protection.

It has been the Association's mandate to "encourage self-created brands and improve the overall quality of the industry". Last year, the industry has made great strides to reach these two main goals. First, more self-created brands emerged in the market. Last year alone, four Guangdong enterprises were bestowed the honor of "China's Famous Brand Product", and eight enterprises won the honor of "Guangdong Famous Brand Product". "With the promotion of our association and the encouragement from the government, I believe more enterprises will be willing to invest in creating their own bands and working out their own designs. That's the key to their success in their business" Wang said in a delightful tone. Secondly, preparation for setting up three professional industrial committees is now completed. One is the "Furniture Specialty Committee for Office and Hotel Construction", another is the "Professional Designers Committee", and still another is the "Classical Furniture Committee".

The interview concluded with Wang expressing his hope that “exhibitors will turn out more good products of their own design.” His words, though simple, are meaningful. He believed that with creativity and innovation, the Guangdong Furniture Industry will continue to develop more smoothly.

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