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4 Recipes & Sales Success

No matter there are no more seat to take,there are lots of people got together in the seminar room and took meticulous notes as they heard the "Four Recipes to Quickly Promote Sales in Furniture Market" - The seminar was presented by three experts.

Wang Ke, Vice Chairman of Guangdong Furniture Association, started the seminar with a presentation of statistics about the latest trends in the furniture industry. His main message can be summed up as, "good sales operation and salespersons are the key to successful marketing and sales."

Dai Gang, a Senior Trainer of World Top 500 Brands, brought the four golden recipes with him to the seminar room namely, Positioning of Market, Visual Marketing, Service Marketing and Operation Management. In his view, sales operation and salespersons are the keys to success. By using a case study on P&G and Hongta Brand (Cigarette), he explained in great detail the relationship between different brands and their consumers. He stated that, "First to capture consumers’ mind, and then their pockets; you need to build your own brand among consumers."

The last speaker, Peng Hong, a specialist at the Guangdong Furniture Association Training Center, delivered her speech in a humorous style. She compared sales operation to marriage and stressed the importance of a good salesperson.

In her lecture, she pointed out that body language accounts for 55 percent in an effective communication, and put forward the principle of "SOFTEN", namely, Smile, Open Posture, Forward Lean, Tone of Voice, Eye Communication and Nod. Her speech was featured by on-spot interactions with the audience and vivid presentation full of pictures and witty words of wisdom.

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