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Export Center: Chaozhou

Chaozhou is a major production and export-oriented center for sanitary ware, daily-use chinaware and arts and crafts in China. Last year alone, Chaozhou saw that the export value of daily-use chinaware reach US$526 million. Chaozhou prides itself as the nation’s biggest production base for sanitary ware. Sanitary ware from here is considered innovative with artistic designs and competitive quality. The annual output of sanitary ware is 30 million pieces (sets), taking up 57 percent of the national output and equaling a total US$562.5 million.

Chaozhou was honored as “Ceramics Capital of China” in April 2004 by the China National Light Industry Council and the China Ceramic Industrial Association.

At present, Chaozhou, with its enormous variety of ceramic and porcelain businesses, is the most concentrated and most diverse place for making ceramics and porcelains. There are nearly 10,000 ceramic companies employing a total of 400,000 people. The industry covers a wide range of categories, including sanitary ware, ceramics, porcelain, arts and crafts and high-tech ceramics and porcelain.

The city is certainly an export powerhouse when you look at the numbers. In recent years, the output of ceramics and porcelain has been on the rise, with an annual growth rate of 30 percent. Bewteen 2004 and 2005, the export value of ceramic and porcelain in Chaozhou represented 50 percent of Guangdong’s total and 28 percent and 31 percent of the national total, respectively.

Export figures aside, one can not disregard some of the master pieces that have been generated by the region throughout the past. For instance, the “Friendship Vase”, featuring special carvings and paintings techniques, was presented as a state gift to North Korean President Kim Il Sung by former state leader Deng Xiaoping.
Ceramic buyers at CeramEx 2007 will not to miss out meeting with manufacturers from Chaozhou – China’s cermaic export powerhouse!

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