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Guangzhou International Fire Fighting and Security Exhibition (GIFSE2006)

Guangzhou International Fire Fighting and Security Exhibition (GIFSE2006)

Duration: Sept.1st-4th, 2006

Venue: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Organizers: Guangzhou Municipal Public Security and Fire Fighting Bureau
Guangzhou Safe Working Administration Bureau
Guangzhou Municipal Co-operation Office
Operators: Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center
Guangzhou Wellexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd

Market Report

Since 2004,Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government has invested $60 million on construction of fire fighting . Every year, more then $6 million has been used for building the fire stations and over $9 million has been expended on purchasing of fire fighting equipments. Besides, Mr. Zhang Guang Lin, Mayor of Guangzhou City, expressed that social security should be emphasized and boosted, also, in the future two years, we must complete the installation of 1400 video monitors in Guangzhou, specially in all of the recreation spots. At the same time, since Mr. Hu Jin Tao, the National Secretary-general, has given instruction on safe Working, the requirement to high technological and high quality security products in Guangzhou has rapidly increased over these resent years. Therefore, the above saying products will have a tremendous market and unlimited business opportunities will be brought to the producers of fire fighting, security and safety equipments.

GDP of Guangdong Province Stands First in China!

2005, GDP of Guangdong province has reached $271Billion (The top in China and has exceed Hong Kong and Singapore before 2 years ago.)

$125Billion increase on GDP during 5 years. Average increasing rate is 13% every year.

Economy gross in Guangdong has occupied 11.9% of China.

$250Billion deposit balance of resident in Guangdong. Occupy 1/7 of the whole country ( Number one in China)

Guangzhou is the economic and business center of south China

Import Volume has exceed $165Billion,occupy 1/3 of the whole country,stand first in China.

2010 Asian Games will be held here and Guangzhou will invest 200 Billion Yuan on city construction.

Introduction of Guangzhou Fair

Guangzhou Fair is one of the two largest Fairs in the south China. Sponsored by Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, Guangzhou Fair has been successfully held for 13 sessions with massive achievements on economy and trade.

2005 Guangzhou Fair covered 54,500 square meters and nearly 2500 standard booths and attracted 460,000 visitors with gross trade value of 133 billion yuan by signed 917 contracts. With the largest scale and economic effectiveness, Guangzhou Fair 2005 gained a tremendous influence in the world.

Why GIFSE2006 ?

GIFSE2006 is designed to resolve the China distribution dilemma and assist International Brands to have "first entry" advantage.

Along with the rapid development of economy in our country, various accidents have been occurred frequently and have caused highly concern with government and relevant departments.

Fire fighting, security and safe working have become the precondition of economic development. GIFSE2006 located in the hub of Pan Pearl River Delta, there are great potential of market.

The coalition with Guangzhou Fair will attract More than 460,000 terminal buyers and Pearl River delta’ government pavilions Visit the GIFSE2006

The government pavilions would recommend large projects to neighboring cities based on Pearl River delta on the GIFSE2006.

The powerful domestic and overseas propaganda, nearly one hundred professional Media continuously promote GIFSE2006

After many times exhibition, we have cumulated over 200,000 data of domestic and foreign buyers, and they will be invited to attend GIFSE2006.

Outline of the GIFSE2006 :

Expected size: 10000sqm

Expected visitors: 400000

Expected exhibitors: 500 (China, USA, Canada, Spain, Korea, Belgium, French, Germany, Japan, Israel,)

Expected government pavilions: 11 (Fuzhou, Nanchang, Changcha, Nanning, Haikou, Chengdu, Kunming, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Macao)

Scope of Exhibits

Safety & Security Goods:

Industrial Safety Products & Survival Goods, Electric Alarm & Detectors, Gas Alarm & Detectors, Construction Materials, Plant, Working Condition & Environmental Devices, Health Equipment, Security inspector, Safety Goods and Equipments for Office, Security Facilities for House, Traffic Facilities, Traffic Equipment, Road Sign and Signal, Traffic Control and ITS

Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment:

Fire Engines, Fire Boat, Fire Planes, Fire Robots, Fire Detectors & Fire Alarm, Fire Nozzles & Monitors, Emergency & Rescue Tools and Equipment, Fire Pumps, Fire-Sprinkling Extinguishing Equipment, Foam Extinguishing Equipment, Gas Extinguishing Equipment, Dry Powder Extinguishing Equipment, Fire Hydrant, Adapter for Fire-fighting Pump, Fire Hose, Fire-Protective Paint, Fire-Proof Putty & Seal Architecture Fire Protection Accessories, Poison Prevention and Smoke Evacuation Systems and so on.


Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center – the largest exhibition center in Asia.

Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, located in Pazhou Island in southeast part of Guangzhou, is uniquely designed in a beautiful environment. The functions of meeting, exhibition and commercial negotiation are united in this exhibition center. It is a modern architecture with perfect combination of efficiency, intelligence, humanization and ecology, Area: The total land area of Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center is 700000 m2. For the first phase of the project, a total of 430000 m2 of land is used. The total construction area is 395000 m2. Sixteen exhibition halls are built, among which the land area of indoor exhibition halls is 160000 m2, and that of outdoor exhibition sites is 22000 m2. It is by now the largest exhibition center in Asia.


Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center is the vice-president organization of Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry Association. We are good at undertaking the large-scale fairs held by government. Also, we hold the trade show of China Buying Trip on footwear, headwear and Garments every year. After decades, we have cumulated plenty of experience on strategy and organizing fair. Toward this fair, our mission is to provide the most cost effective way and “first entry” advantage by finding an experienced partner to act as a Master Licensee to overcome the complexity of the Chinese distribution system.

Booth Rentals:


In-door standard booth

In-door space


1. Each booth includes Three-side laminated panels, 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 10A 220V socket (Not for illumination), 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 waste basket, 1 fascia board, 100 words introduction, show directory, badges.

2.Facilities will not be provided to those exhibitors whom rent the space area. Decoration and electricity fee should be borne by exhibitor themselves. Switch box can only be rented from the exhibition hall.

3.Conference room for technical communication or seminar has been prepared AV equipments and can contain 80-100 peoples.

Relevant fees for ads


Show directory
Back cover
W:140mm× H:210mm
Gift Bags
330×290 mm

Opposite side of the front cover
Invitation Cards
210×143 mm

Opposite side of the back cover

Front page 1

Front page 2

Front page 3

Air balloon




Inner page

Direction board

Please submit the film by Aug. 1st, 2006.

Please remit the fee to the following account within 10 days after application. Otherwise, the booth would not be reserved anymore. If the paid exhibitors failed to attend the exhibition for any other reason, but not caused by organizers, the payment will not be refunded.

Receiver: Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center

Bank: Bank of China, Guangdong Branch Newpoly Tower Sub-branch

Account: 815129464008091001

For more information, please contact with:

Ms. Vicky Leung

Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Service Center

Tel: 8620-83484334/83484545, Fax:8620-83484384

E-mail: Website:

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