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The 7th Chongqing High-Tech Fair & the 3rd China International Military-Civilian Scientific Expo

Brief Introduction of Chongqing High-Tech Fair

The first Chongqing High-Tech Fair was jointly held by Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, China Association of Inventions and Chongqing Municipal Government in 1999, the year of Marshal Nie Rongzhen's 100th birth anniversary, to push forward the west development and promote regional economic and technological cooperation. The Ministry of Science and Technology and China Academy of Sciences joined in the sponsors' group for on the third Chongqing High-Tech Fair held in 2001. Accompanying the 5th high-tech fair, the First China International Military-Civilian Scientific Expo was firstly launched in 2003. It's now the 7th Chonging High-Tech Fair and the 3rd China International Military-Civilian Scientific Expo since the first such event was held in 1999.
Regarding the fair as an important platform for west development and civil and military technological integration, the 5 sponsors, together with the 11 military industrial groups such as PLA Headquarters of the General Staff, PLA General Arms Dept, China Nuclear Industry Group, and China Aeronautics Science and Technology Corporation, all present a big batch of new & high-tech projects on the fair.

11 western provinces such as Guizhou, Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan organize enterprise groups to take part in the fair every year, and Beijing, Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Shandong are also active participants of the fair, taking the fair as an ideal platform for technology transactions. Foreign countries such as Russia, Germany, Canada and Japan also send delegation to participate in the fair. The Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Ericsson, China Tele-com, China Putian, Lenovo, and China FAW Corporation, as well as a series of universities including National University of Defense Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics and Beijing Institute of Technology, all view the fair as an ideal platform for new products and new technologies exhibition.

Chongqing High-Tech Fair has received great support from top national bodies like CPC Central Committee, NPC Standing Committee, State Council and CPPCC in the past few years. Vice Premier Huang Ju, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of Central Political Bureau, and Former Premier Li Peng, Li Lanqing and Jiang Chunyun have all sent their congratulatory messages to the fair. State councilor Chen Zhili, Vice Chairman of the NPC Xu Jialu, Jiang Zhenghua, Wu Jieping, Zhou Guangzhao, Hu Qili and Yang Rudai have come themselves to supervise the work for the fair.

Altogether 436 delegations have taoken part in the fair in the past 6 years, signing the agreements for nearly 1000 out of the total 32,000 exhibited projects, with a total contract value of 41 billion and 564 million yuan renminbi. Chongqing has been the biggest beneficiary of the fair, with the technological transaction value accounting for more than half of its total transaction volume in the field. The city has been the largest technology trading center in west China with its own technological transaction value ranking the first in the region in the past 6 fairs held here. With its scale and influence expanding, Chonging High-Tech Fair has become one of China's, or even the world's most influential fairs, and has contributed much to China's west development and the social-economic development of Chongqing City itself.

Sponsors: Ministry of Science &Technology,People's Republic of China
      Commission of National Defense Science & Technology Industry
      China Academy of Science  China Association of Innvention
      Chongqing Municipal Government
Organizor: The Organizing Committee Office of Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair

Background Information on Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center

Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center is located in Nanpingbei Rd., Nan'an District. It boarders Yangtze River in the east, and Science Popularization Center, in the North. Being one of the Ten Key Social Civilization Infrastructure Construction Projects, it is also the main venue of 2005 Asia-Pacific City Mayor Summit. Project construction resumed on Nov. 25th, 2003, and is expected to be finished on Aug 31st, 2005.
Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center is a comprehensive conference and exhibition center with the largest exhibition and meeting rooms, and the best equipment and facilities in West China.

Constrution Scale

Covering 23 hectares, Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center has a total construction area of 237,533 m2, of which, 132,727 m2 is the area of the Exhibition Center, 41,731 m2, the Conference Center, 30,000 m2, the Plaza , and 63,075 m2, the hotel. It has 2,700 parking lots.

The Functions of the Exhibition Center

1. The Exhibition Center has three stories, with three exhibition halls on each story, and separate entrance to each exhibition hall. The exhibition halls can be used separately, but they can also be used together for one exhibition. The application net height of each story is 15 meters, providing maximal space to meet the different requirements of all kinds of exhibitions.
2. There are no useless view-obstructing cobweb of flyers in the building, which has helped produce the best visual effect for exhibitions.

3. Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center is equipped with all kinds of advance hardware facilities and equipment. All the exhibition booths are installed with the multi-resources box, which provides access to power, telecom service, broadband Internet connection, water supply and sewage, and compressed air.

4. The traffic routes in the center are arranged in the most convenient way, and the lifts and escalators interactively transport visitors.

5. Special passage and unloading platform are set up to deliver goods. Vehicles transporting products for exhibition go directly to the first- and second-floor exhibition halls. Products to be exhibited on the third floor are vertically conveyed up through a five-ton freight elevation. The direct vertical transport is easy, rapid and convenient.

6. There are offices of different sizes available for rent in the center, and professional management has helped form a good working environment, which makes the center a perfect place for products exhibiting corporations and exhibition project corporations to do some on-the-scene work.

Computerized System

The computerized system of Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center is of the highest level of automatization. With its range of functions, and advanced system configuration, the center has become a digitalized conference and exhibition center of international standard. The computerized system of the center consists of nineteen subsystems. Its computer network system is capable of accommodating 4,000 journalists to send out picture and text files at the same time. China Telecom and Unicom coverage signals ensure that 50,000 people can talk on mobile phone at the same time. There are the wired network and the wireless Internet connection access points which give Internet access to 6,500 people at the same time. The comprehensive wiring system adopts the advanced international IBDN system. There are both 100M six different kinds of wires available on the exhibition desks, and 1000M optic fiber available in major places.
The conference system is the advanced Philip Digital Conference System, which integrates such various functions as participants authorization, registration, attendance checking, voting, visual tracing, (6+1) simultaneous interpretation, demonstration stands, electronic white board. The system is excellent functional conditions. Background music and satellite closed circuit system are both digitally controlled, high-quality, two-way transmission systems.

On the west side of the Etiquette Plaza, there is a 73 m2 Baco LED color monitor. In the second exhibition hall on the first floor, and at the entrances to the conference lobby, there are four 2-base-color LED monitors, used for showing ads and news programs.

Exterior Appearance

The outside of the wall on the east side of the center is of unit glass screen wall installed with electric curtains; the outside of the walls in the west, north and south sides are all made of granite. The outside of the west wall is completely made of granite, and those of the north and south walls are, however, quite different. The part below 32 meters is granite, most parts (the middle part, in fact) are glass screen walls, and the two sides are stone screen wall. The center has double-layer aluminum plate structure metal roof. Between the two layers of aluminum plates are cellular insulation plates. Part of the roof is made up of glass windows and shutters.

Geographical Location

Towering over other building, Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center lies in Nanqiaotou, Nan'an District, and at the core of the Nan'an District commercial area. Chongqing Municipal Gallery and lots of supermarkets are also to be built in the surrounding areas. It is only 10 minutes away from Holiday Inn by foot.
Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition Center enjoys good traffic condition in its surround areas. There are main avenues and convenient walkways around the center, which provides easy entry to the center for business or visit.

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