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Chengdu International Exhibition & Convention Center

Chengdu International Exhibition & Convention Center (CIECC)
Chengdu International Exhibition and Convention Center has two large indoor int'l exhibition halls with a total area of 55,000 square meters, which accommodates 2,400 int'l standard booths. Equipped with a advanced
security and monitoring system, automatic alarm system for firefighting as well as spraying system, the center also possesses a outdoor exhibition area covering an area of 13,000 square meters, one of the largest int'l standard exhibition halls.  
 Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum Located in the west of Chengdu International Exhibition & Convention Center, the Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum is connected with the Commercial Halls of the Exhibition & Conventions Center as well as the California Garden Hotel. The Museum has a total construction area of over 20,000 square meters, with the first floor 8 meters high, the second floor 18 meters high and the central area 30 meters. There is an Exhibiting Hall of Elites in the Museum. With 16-meter-high glass sculpture in China stands in the middle. It allows over 80 pieces of artwork to be exhibited at a time. There is also a Speech Hall and an Art Gallery attached to the Museum. Aiming at the promotion of Chinese contemporary art, especially native art, the Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum holds academic exhibitions, touring exhibitions, documentary exhibitions, retrospective exhibitions and one-man shows year round. The Museum also provides sponsorships for prominent native artists. Since its opening, it has endeavored to establish wide range of connections with art schools and art organizations both at home and abroad. It endeavors to make itself one of the best art museums of the 21st century in the Asian Pacific region. Since the opening of the Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum in September 1999, it has successfully held several large-scaled exhibitions: A Bashu Inventory; Respective of Contemporary Calligraphy of the 20th Century, '99, Chengdu; Tao of Heaven and Earth --- Exhibition of German Art; Retrospective of Lang Jingshan's Photographic Art; At the Century---Contemporary Chinese Art 1979 -1999; The First Chengdu Biennial, 2001 and Charm of the Tradition, 2001. Among them, At the Century is one of the most scaled art exhibitions in recent 50 years in China. The artworks exhibited are of the first class as far as the artistic quality and academic level area concerned.
The Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum is an important platform of art exchanges in the west China, and a pioneering base of the promotion of Chinese native art.
This Chengdu conference destination is a place where the noise and distractions of every day fade and disappear, where people gather to share new ideas, seek better solutions, and cultivate wisdom. Where the imaginations of your team forge a shared belief to build the future. In the Land of Panda, Chinese metropolis Chengdu or Aba Tibetan & Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, a CIECC Conference Destination is where you focus.
 CIECC is the national leader in conference centers, planning meetings and implementing them. Making sure that every piece is in place: luxurious accommodations, cutting-edge technology, superb cuisine and impeccable service - all demanding attention to detail. This is the key to an exceptional meeting experience at a CIECC property.
 We have made planning your meeting easy with our Complete Meeting Package (CMP) which provides all meeting components including lodging, meals, meeting rooms, refreshment breaks, fitness centers, audio/visual technology and gratuities. This simplified planning and budget process saves you time and money. In addition our properties offer meeting specials that are based on specific dates, which offer up to 20% off discounts exclusively for conference groups utilizing the CMP.
 If you are interested in getting pricing please select the Request for Proposal and let us know which dates you are interested in holding a meeting.
 Ready to talk? Let's connect... Fill in the Request for Proposal online. During normal working hours, we will respond to your phone call (at 0086-28-87693154) or email ( within 30 minutes.
 Our properties around the Land of Panda are unique to their region; yet share the same commitment to quality. And you see, planning a meeting demands great attention to detail. From our Step-by-Step Meeting Planner Seminars to customer feedback, we will keep you updated on new conference developments and trends to help you plan your next conference utilizing the industry's best practices.
 CIECC is the industry leader in conference technology. From in-house videoconferencing facilities to high-speed Internet access and highly skilled conference technicians, CIECC makes your meeting more productive and efficient.
 The headquarters of CIECC is a large architecture complex serving as one of the landmarks of the metropolis, i.e. Chengdu the government seat of SW-China’s inland Sichuan Province with a history more than 5,000 years and a population over 12 million to the moment. In nowhere western part of this country can you find any other multifunctional rendezvous to its peer. Property under the headquarters consists of shopping mall, hotel, exhibition hall, restaurant, cinema, opera house, teahouse, convention hall, aerobic center, museum of modern arts, recreation hall, ecological garden, in-house swimming pool, night club and so on, with the over-all floorage up to 210,000m2. Being a symbol of the city’s modernization, there are 2 main halls covering 55,000m2 plus a 13,000m open-air square for large-scale international exposition. Inside, 2,400 show booths are custom-tailored to meet differed needs of our clients from home and abroad.

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