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China Yiwu International Commodity Fair

Brief introduction:

China Yiwu International Commodity Fair (Yiwu Fair) is unique to be approved by the State of Council of PRC. Its precursor is China Yiwu International Commodity, started in 1995, from the beginning of 2002, it upgraded to the international fair sponsored by Ministry of Commerce. Until now, China Yiwu International Commodities Fair has been held successfully for 11 consecutive years.

Aiming at “Facing the world and Serving the country”, which plays an important role in enlarging merchandise exports, promoting commodities manufacturing, and advancing the development of regional economies, it has become the biggest, the most efficient and the most successful fair of general commodities in the country, and it was one of the top 10 events in the industry of Chinese exhibition in 2002, one of the top 10 Chinese new exhibitions in 2003, the Chinese optimal government-directed exhibition in 2004, the most competitive exhibition in 2005, the second of exhibition effect of Chinese optimal exhibition in 2005, and the fifth of service quality.

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China Yiwu International Commodity Fair
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