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Surrounding landscape: Foshan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau

It brings a hot business of Hainan tourism for Canton opened

Depend on the preponderant and convenient transportation, at each section; it always brings large quantities guests' resource for Hainan Hotels industry. Yesterday, the reporters collected the information from different hotels, many hotels' booking volume rose in a straight line in recently, especially, the Business Rooms in high-grade hotels. The director of Sales Management from Nanguo Tiaoyuan Yuyu Hotel said, in those days, the room volume reaches 80%, and a daily average of over 100 rooms are occupied by the foreigners from UK , USA , Middle East and South East Asia who mostly attend this exhibition in Guangzhou .

A buyer from Hong Kong said that Hainan 's economy develops so fast, it has increased many high-grade hotels, with the convenient transportation, and its facilities and environment perfect gradually day by day, so he participates in Canton Fair every year to choose Nanhai Hotels thus avoid the trouble of accommodation in peak season.

Shenzhen Travel

Shenzhen-Beautiful China

It is also called “Shenzhen Little People”, which is a tourism resort in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town , is located on beautiful ocean shores. It is the real scenery area with the largest area and most abundant content in modern world; covers the land area of 450 square meters, which is divided two parts of scenery area and service area.

There are three kinds of scenery with the large cubage, it has built 74 scenery spots in the first phase, and it can build more than 130 sceneries after ending the project. The rate of microfilm scenery and real one is 1:15 (Mostly), with the individual one is 1:10 or 1:8. The biggest one is 1:1 (a cavern from Mogao Hole). Generally, the international microfilm is 1:25. Therefore, all the size of sceneries of “Beautiful China” is bigger.

The spots of “Beautiful China” are decorated according to its location on China domain, the total garden area as big as China map. Those sceneries can be divided into three kinds: ancient buildings, Scenic landscape, and Folk residents. There are over 50,000 pottery curs placed on the various spots.

There are eight miracles listed in the world, like Great Wall, Emperor Qin's Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, and many best in the world: the oldest stone arch bridge (Zhaozhou Bridge), astronomical observatory, wooden pagoda, the biggest palace (the Imperial Palace), joss (Leshan Buddhism), the biggest Royal Gardens (“Garden of Gardens”-Yuan Ming Yuan), the longest rock cave gallery (Guohuang Mogao Hole), the most magnificent and highest altitude building (Potala), the most strange landscape (Stone forest), the most strange mountain peak (Huangshan Mountain), one of the most waterfall (Huanguoshu waterfall); it has the solemn Tomb of Yellow Emperor, Tomb of Genghis khan, The Ming Tombs, and Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum; the resplendent and magnificent Confucian temple, the temple of heaven, the grand Taishan Mountain, the arduous and forceful Changjiang Sanxia, Lijiang Landscape like in the painting; it has Jiangnan sceneries, including Hangzhou West Lake, Suzhou Gardens, etc; Moreover, it has the famous Tower, Temple, Building and Rock cave with the different postures and characteristics, as well as Local residents have the national customs.

Furthermore, standing there, the spectacle of Emperor sacrificed heaven, the wedding of the emperor of Guangxu, the fiesta of Confucian temple and the folk customs like wedding and funeral will appear before your eyes. In Bells Museum you may enjoy the Chule Bells performed by the ancient costume band. How supernatural! You only spend one day to appreciate China 5,000-Year history, and travel the beautiful rivers and mountains.

“Beautiful China ” is in order to re-create the style of original sight and artistic value; they invited the relic research department, over hundreds of famous ancient building experts, sculptor and the expert of garden technology as the advisers or fling themselves into creation. Over 2,000 engineers and technicians from more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions come to Shenzhen to create the sculpture specially. Those sights all have their own original artistic features whether from artistic conception, architectural style or portrayed character, it is said those crystals of wisdom to over 2,000 experts, scholars, engineers and technicians.

It makes a careful arrangement in aspects of the design of tour route, green gardens, and commercial district setting. In the garden that allows to be traveled, people can enjoy the reduced sceneries spread on the various art treasures while wandering on the garden alley with the full of greeneries and flowers, and also you can enjoy the traditional folk dance on the side of stage; what's more, in the Suzhou street with the white wall, grey tile, you may taste different local flavour snacks or purchase the characteristic craftwork and native produce.

The combined service area ( Suzhou Street ) absorbs the soul of Suzhou building and landscape art, and keeps down the feature of Chinese traditional business street. There are several major styles of cooking, including Beijing, Sichun, Suzhou and Guangdong dishes as well as each local flavour snacks; The folk hand-crafted performance, and the unwonted 360-degree panoramic movie screen in the world; moreover, it provides the full beautiful handicrafts, antique, the restorative drugs, the high quality well-known local products and tourist souvenirs has its feature for you to choose and purchase.

“Step into the history of Chinese, travel the whole China in a couple of day”, Beautiful Chinese is a window of Chinese historical culture and tourist culture. To this day, it has received more than 3,000,000 tourists, including Mr. Deng Xiaoping, Mr. Jiang Zemin, Former U.S. president Mr. George Walker Bush, Former Secretary of State Mr. Henry Alfred Kissinger, Cuban President Mr. Castro and other national leaders.

“Beautiful China ”, is a world of green, a world of flowers, and a world of beauty; it's even more the window on history, window on culture, and window on tourism. China Folk Culture Village is the first large-scale culture & tourist section that combines with folk arts, customs flavor and residential buildings together.

Shenzhen Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley covers the land area of 350,000 square meters, total investment of RMB800 million, which is the modern theme park combines with the participation, enjoyment, entertainment and fun together.

The Park is divided into eight parts: Spain Square, Cartoon City, Mountain Adventure, Happy Island, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Typhoo Bay, Sunshine Beach, and special Playa Maya Water Park, it has more than 100 rich and colorful recreational items are suitable for adults and children. There are many special items from United States, Netherlands, Germany and other developed countries, including the highest fall of “Shoot the Chute”, Chinese first Suspended roller coaster “Suspended Looping Coaster”, Chinese first laneway type “Gold Mine Train”, Chinese first “Top Spin”, Chinese first “cone of thrill” – Space S hot, Asian first 4D Theater combines with seeing, ear and feeling together. All those are endowed with the living and perfect theme packing, built the sights has the visual style of the western United States and northern Tibet in the charming surroundings. The lively experiences and bewildering stories that make tourists enter into the mysterious realm.

Whenever the darkness falls, the magical and elegant large-style magic ballet <<Happy MD>> will confer up the endless surprise and uncommon enjoyment for tourists; Stand on the Happy street filled with the bright lights, you'll appreciate the Chinese and western cuisine, and the night market with bars make up the Happy cuisine culture. Enter into the happy trip, Peppy King – Happy emissary will bring the endless happiness.

Shenzhen Window of the World

It is situated on the Shenzhen Bay side, the aims to promote the world culture, which combines with the wonders of the world, historical remains, ancient and modern place of interest, and folk song & dance together, create a wonderful world. Its scenery is divided according to the five continents, with World Park , World Sculpture Park , International Street , and Jurassic World constitutes the omni form, absolutely wonderful artificial theme park. The various sceneries in the park are built according to the different rates, delicate and lively. Each sight of window of the world is the concretionary symphonic poem, and those colorful folk performances are the vivid and lively picture.

There are total 118 beauty spots, according to the world domain structure and tourist activities, the beauty spot can be divided into World Square , Asian regions, Oceania regions, European regions, Ethiopian regions, American regions, Modern science and technology & entertainment regions, World sculpture garden, and International Street . And it also contains world famous landscapes: Egyptian pyramids, Ammon Temple, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, American Grand Canyon, Parisian Lion Triumphal Arch, Vatican's St. Peter's Cathedral, Indian Taj, Australian Sydney Opera House, and Italian Leaning Tower Pisa, etc. these sights are built by the rate of one to one, one to five and one to fifteen respectively, delicate and lively. Something is very grand. If the proportion of French Eiffel Tower with the height of 108 meters is shrunk to one third, the tourists can take a life to the top of tower to look over the view of Shenzhen and Hong Kong . The shrunken Niagara Falls has the width of over 80 meters, more than 10 meters drop, the current splashes, and the roaring bangs impressively, tourist can not be easily forget. Hawaiian volcano of which shoots out the magma type and 100-meters fountains are most impressive. As the activity centre, the world square can seat up to more than 100,000 visitors, there are ten world famous sculptures in front, 108 different styles of large steles and the raised wall of approximately over 2,000 square meters in the surrounding the Square, moreover, there are six huge doors symbolize the home of Ancient Civilization of the World and one magnificent stage that will be used to perform the wonderful shows by artists from all over the world, which make the visitors enjoy themselves.

In the full-bodied litchi garden, it has more than 50 world-famous sculptures, such as “Johann Strauss Monument”, “Discobolus”, “Apollo – the sun god”, “Thinkers” and so on, vivid and lifelike. It's equipped with the full traffic facility in the beauty spot that provides many fun sports facilities for the visitors, including elevated single-track round car, tourist car, Ancient European carriage, Roma schooner, beat-up car, single-propeller wooden vessel and rubber raft.

International Street-Business service region, keep the residential architectural style as the subject mainly European, Asian and Islamic, and combine with church, market and street together, where is the location of rest and shopping for tourists. There, you can taste the cuisine with different flavors from France , Italy , Austria , Russia , Japan , Thailand and Korea , and Germanic beer, Hawaiian ice-cream. It also provides the rich skilful handicraft articles and tourist souvenirs from all over the world for visitors to pick out and buy. When the night comes, bright lights on, it'll turn out another tempting exotic flavour in the beauty spot. The artistic cruise of “Riotous night” is that consists of world nationalities song & dance and folk programs; advance the activities to the high tide.

Night fell; the large-scale song & dance and cruise express the theme of “You were happy with the World” vividly and incisively, simultaneously dress up the beautiful Shenzhen more colorful. “If you give us one day, we'll give you a wonderful world”, as long as come here, you would be filled with admiration.

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