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Exhibition Introduction

Puzhou Complex

The total area of Pazhou Complex, for the first phase of the project covers a total area of 430,000 square meters, a total building area is 395,000 square meters, there are 13 exhibition halls on the first, second floors, among which the displaying area is about 130,000 square meters, that of the land area of outdoor exhibition sites occupy 22,000 square meters. Formally, put into operation at the end of 2002, it is the largest exhibition center in Asia by now.


At present, Pazhou Complex has 16 indoor exhibition halls, with a total construction area of 395,000 square meters. This can be established 10,200 international standard booths. The net height of the first floor is 13 meters, and the second floor is 8.89 to 19 meters. These can be enough for the different types of exhibitions of the high commodities. The five exhibition halls of 10,000 square meters on the second floor are designed as non-column exhibition halls, and there are very few columns in each of the eight exhibition halls with about 10,000 square meters thus convenience to exhibit. The exhibition halls have a super load-carry capacity, of which the first and second floor is 5 tons/square meters and 1.5 tons/square meters respectively. In addition, there are open entrances in the southern and northern sides of exhibition halls that could link together or separately.

Related Technical parameter, please consult the following Sheet:

Exhibition Hall

1A , 1B, 1C , 1D, 1E

1J, 1K, 1L

2A , 2B, 2C , 2D, 2E

Exhibition Hall of Built on the stilts (-1J, -1L , -1L )

Main Entrance

2 shutter doors ( 8.5m × 5.5m ) at south and north of each exhibition hall

2 shutter doors ( 8.5m × 5.5m ) at south and north of each exhibition hall

2 shutter doors ( 8.5m × 5.5m ) at south and north of each exhibition hall

1 large door with the width of 3.95m at each northern hall


128m × 90m

1J, 1L : 110m × 90m /hall; 1K: 41m × 90m

128m × 90m

-1J, -1L : 110m × 90m ; -1K: 90m × 67m


11,520 sq meters/hall

1J, 1L : 9,900 sq meters/hall; 1K: 3,690 sq meters/hall

11,520 sq meters

-1J, -1L : 9,900 sq meters/hall; -1K: 6,030sq meters

Net height


11.65~ 14.36m

8.09~ 18.2m


Height available


10.85~ 14.36m

8.09~ 18.2m


Loading capacity

5 ton/sq meters

5 ton/sq meters

1.35 ton/sq meters




The Plaza area covers more than 22,000 sq meters; it's characterized with exhibition, performance and large-scale convocation. The green rate reaches 48.7%, and the overall design mixes with nature harmoniously.

Qinshui Park

Qinshui Park is located at the side of Linzhu River whose theme is “Close to Zhujiang”, with the span of 1.3kms, Linjiang average width of 66m , and total areas of over 80,000 sq meters. There is near 40,000 sq meters zonal widen water area in middle part, where float about 9 oasis with ellipse size and various shapes. Many lovesick forests from Taiwan are planted at the east and west sides. Jog in Qinshui Park , to realize Zhujiang's uniquely charm.

Zhujiang Walkway

It disposes one person's distribution channel – “Zhujiang Walkway” with 450m length, 30m width in Pazhou Complex which is away from 8m in elevation along east to west. It installs life, escalators and staircase, 4 vertical traffic hubs and the horizontal walking system links with Zhujiang River (Terminal Walkway) from distance 90 meters away. The passerby will have no barrier to walk in Complex.

Liuhu Complex

China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex was built in 1974, with the exhibition area of 170,000 sq meters, which is known as well as held twice in every spring and autumn.

It is located in the biggest city-Guangzhou in the south part of China, which occupies the gainful position in the economy central city, takes a lead to do so among the famous complexes in China, and is influenced by the pro-business culture; it always holds 80-100 exhibitions in each year, which are the most number, largest scale and highest floor in Guangzhou as well as southern regions. The famous and major large-scale exhibitions Liuhua Complex has been held or will hold are: Furniture Fair, Building & Decoration Fair, Beauty & Hairdressing Exhibition, Leather Industry Exhibition, Communication Exhibition, Automobile Fair, Printing Exhibition and Advertisement Exhibition, etc.


The Square of China Export Commodities Liuhua Complex covers an area of nearly 10,000 sq meters, where can be used to hold large-scale opening ceremonies and celebrations.


The square of China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex is situated in Hall 1, covers an area of 1,260 sq meters. It establishes the eave of 300 square meters at the front of gate.

VIP Room

China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex has 6 VIP rooms, which are luxurious and comfortable, all equipped with advanced facilities, where the leaders of our country and foreign missions were received.

Conference Room

China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua Complex possesses 5 Conference rooms seat up 15 to 130 persons, equipped with slide projector, projecting apparatus and multi-media apparatus, moreover, provided the considerate reception service. These conference rooms could suite the needs of all the kinds of seminars, academic exchanges.

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