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Booth utility management

(1) The booths are limited to be used by the exhibiting units passed qualifications examination, check and record. The in-service units are accord with the posted ones on the board.

Head Office or Group Corporation holds import-export operation right (collectively called head office as below), immediate subsidiary can exhibit in Head Office's name and use its booths.

(2) Strictly forbid to transfer or sublease (sale) stands out of the rule. Whatever the in-service units disagree with the ones marked on the board, all are regarded as the illegal transfer or sublease (sale) stands. Involving:

1. Transfer the booths to joint-operation units in joint-operation's name;

2. Transfer the booths to the supplied, cooperated and attached units in the name of supply and cooperation;

3. Sign the agreement in the name of non-exhibiting units (have not pass the qualifications examination, check and record);

4. Transfer the booths to other units in the name of borrowing;

5. Be unauthorized to swap and exchange the booths;

6. Be high price to collect booths charge or exhibition charge from supply, joint-operation and cooperation units;

7. Others

(Three) Each trading group and exhibiting unit should strengthen the management of their booths

1. All distributive booths (include half or one third booth used alone) should appoint a booth director.

(1) The director should be the formal worker with exhibitor certificate in attending unit, even business personnel. Booth directors should stick to their post, do not leave the hall without allowing during normal working hour, and have the duty to report booth service conditions for checking unit.

(2) Different booths with the different directors, namely each director is only responsible for a booth. And the booths that are arranged together to exhibit by the fair can appoint one director.

(3) Attending units should submit booth directors (include name, units and department, booth number) to trading group through handbook receipt before annual 5th March (September). It should notice trading groups in advance in case of changing booth director. Each trading group will submit directors' information to foreign trader centers to keep on record through gathering handbook receipt.

For reporting false and phony booth directors and handle its change procedure is not upon the request, all are regarded as illegal transfer or sublease (sale) the stands.

2. Immediate subsidiaries don't handle the qualifications examination, check and record by themselves, and attend the fair in their Head Office's name, if so, Head Office must submit its booths information to trading groups (should mark approving unit and code of its import-export operation rights), be recorded in foreign trade center after checking. For concrete details see attachment 5-3.

Have not handled the record which immediate subsidiaries use their Head-offices' stands, all are regarded as illegal transfer or sublease (sale) the stands.

(Four) Allocated quota of exhibitors to each booth according to the standards, which must correspond with demands as below:

1. Quota of exhibitors of each booth must be more than 2/3 persons who are the formal staffs of its attending unit.

It's only permit its formal staffs to attend the fair in case of less than half booth (include less than substandard booth).

2. If supply (joint-operation) unit needs use quota of exhibitors, handle as following:

(1) Headcount of supply (joint-operation) unit may be less than 20% of entire quota of exhibitors.

(2) The staffs are not allowed to be more than one third. Supply (joint-operation) unit has no right to use quota of exhibitors in case of below half booth (include less than substandard booth).

(3) It is for attending units to apply if supply (joint-operation) units want to use quota of exhibitors, and hold the checked application to handle the certificate as request. For concrete details see attachment 5-4.

(4) Staffs of supply (joint-operation) unit should be unified management by their trading group.

Violating above requirements, are regarded as illegal transfer or sublease (sale) stands.

(One) For units which illegally transfer or sublease (sale) stands, handling as following:

1. Bulletin and criticism.

2. Confiscate illegal transfer or sublease (sale) booth income.

3. Reduce their illegal transfer or sublease (sale) booths, cancel exhibiting qualifications for the serious cases.

(Two) During Canton Fair, chamber of import and export trade is responsible for checking and keeping a record of booths service conditions, joint supported by fair security. And business office is responsible for handling the units which illegally transfer or sublease (sale) stands.

(Three) The fair will protect and award units which inform and disclose the illegal transfer or sublease booths.
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