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Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

Moving-in time: November 17–18

Exhibiting time: November 19-29

Moving-out time: November 27-27

Exhibition Location: China International Exhibit Center National Agricultural Exhibition Hall

Organized by: China Machinery Industry Federation, China Machinery Equipment (Group) Corporation, China Council for the promotion of International Trade, China Association of Automobile Manufactures

Sponsors by: China Automotive Industry International Corporation, China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, Society of Automotive Engineers of China

Exhibition category: Domestic and International Automobile, Commercial vehicle, Auto Spare parts and Automobile related appliance, etc.

Exhibition period: Once a year

Exhibition scale: 120,000 square meters

Complex information: The current exhibition will arrange in China International Exhibition Center and National Agricultural Exhibition Hall. It mainly shows Domestic and International Automobile and parts of Exhibits from International Auto parts Corporation as well as parts of Automobile appliance in China International Exhibition Center ; and in National Agricultural Exhibition Hall, it mainly shows Domestic and International Auto Spare parts and Automobile related appliance, etc. This exhibition is the first time to use Agriculture Complex with the modern level, covers an area of 13,000 square meters (New), and the total areas are wider than last time, over 120 thousand square meters.


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Beijing International Automobile Exhibition
  • Exhibition Introduction

  • Exhibition History

  • Beijing Auto Exhibition step into the six great power of the world

  • The course went across 16 years

  • Beijing International Auto Exhibition was paid close attention by the people

  • Technology exchange was rising quietly
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